You cannot neglect yourself.

Fellow White People: Our Immigration Laws Are Racist. What are you going to do about it?

They do not care about your children, or your children's future.

Write with us this weekend! (And you don't have to "compete", either!)

"He's got one of those safewords..."

How Big Papa Pickles Exemplify Two YouTube Trends

Genre fiction is more important than literary fiction in our society.

Review: Freedom of the press means the freedom to criticize and oppose.

Review: The best way to ruin a gothic ghost story is to try to make it be something else

Time for the bi-weekly flash writing!

The GOP plan to destroy local businesses - while shaming people who need help.

An hour of your life is worth a bit less than a pack of incontinence pads.

Screw getting news and updates from Facebook. Get it from the source, easily.

I'm loyal to nothing...except the dream.

Video games did more than improve my reflexes. Really.

Write with us. Please.

I don't wear the red on my sleeve.

Maybe you shouldn't cry for this country.

Free Software Activity: A Playlist maker for MPD based on genre and BPM

Hey, are you trying to kill God over there?

I'll take her fries, too: I guest blogged about my fraught relationship with food.

Degrade your pictures in the neatest ways!

Mother Superior

It's time to write with us this weekend!

It's time to quit stigmatizing single parents and start acknowledging them.

Cutting Yourself On The Mirrored Sides Of The Edges Of A Relationship

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