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Worried about your privacy online now? Try this VPN deal!

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Now that the FCC has decided to destroy Net Neutrality (though the fight isn't over yet), it's more important than ever to keep things as private as possible.  A VPN - and one of the few that is proven to not keep records - is a good step in that direction. 
Private Internet Access (the VPN that I use) is running a special of two years of quality VPN service for $59.95.

Still not sure why you might want a VPN?  Check out PIA's FAQ here: http://bit.ly/2C8iW74

Up to five devices, and no records kept.

You can get this deal (and save you some money) only through the end of the day on 5 Jan 2018 through this affiliate link:


As they say... I'm also a client.

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