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Internet Day of Action for Net Neutrality is TOMORROW (12 July)

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Tomorrow (12 July) is the Internet-wide day of action to support Net Neutrality.

It doesn't matter what your politics, views, or lifestyle is; you want net neutrality.

Help preserve Net Neutrality by heading to https://www.battleforthenet.com and letting your representatives know that you value a truly competitive free market and the ability to choose how you communicate rather than having someone else dictate it to you.

Also go to the FCC's site and leave a comment at http://gofccyourself.com (thanks to John Oliver gets you right to where you need to be) and click "Express".  If you'd rather have directions (with pictures), those are here:


Giffing for Net Neutrality

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Colin O. said...

I am deeply influenced with charter communications net neutrality debate, and I never miss reading blogs and articles related to it. Let’s hope that Trump administration should rethink about its decision, because it’s no big fan of net neutrality.