Memorial Day Flash Fiction Challenge - It's FREE (and extra time to boot!)

Going on hiatus for a while

Moral Judgments and the end of relationships

Luring the thing with feathers - Seeing past the limits of what is "possible"

Don't let the loops and whorls of self-improvement throw you for a loop!

We already have (partially) socialized medicine; just the worst form of it.

Three things that mess up communication without you even realizing it

Everyone's got needs. And sometimes that means you're needy.

How are you spending the seconds of your life?

Identifying the Common Shitty Squirrel behavior

Running the abuser on a separate mental loop - and how that hurts the ones who care

If you walk on eggshells, sooner or later they're gonna break.

Today, in "shit I shouldn't have to say", Philippines edition

Everyone has baggage, whether it's in the DSM or not.