A Message To Fellow White People: Speak up.

Six Rules For Survival Under An Authoritarian Power (Text Transcript)

Help Preserve The Rules That Make Our Country Great: Act TODAY.

I aim to misbehave. What say you?

We have waited. Here's an incomplete list of what we've seen.

Silence equals Death: Wherein I get scolded for pointing out a guy's a Nazi

Ohio govt. officials are using govt. resources to organize a religious rally TODAY

When they're neither "pro-life" or "anti-abortion", just "anti-women"

Welcome to the Ministry of Truth, Where Your Pants Are Inflammable

Why We March

You are the cure. Spread the immunization through your words and actions.

It's time.

Citing Sources: Everybody doing their part to stop fake news

How to be a social butterfly when you're not

Understanding and forgiveness are two way streets. Unless you're a jerk.

Even if it's not a "fuck yes", it damn well still better be a yes.

There's always a price. Acknowledge it. Deal with it. And maybe change your life.

We are not things. Intent matters.

You get to decide if you want to tell your story. Nobody else.

You own your emotions. They're yours. Don't give control of them away.

You own your experiences, nobody else.

Sometimes you just want a lampshade.

A small note about the upcoming week's worth of posts.

Should you be held accountable because of someone else's health?

Corrupting the Spirit of the Republic: Recent Moves by the GOP