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Focus on reading, writing, or working with myNoise.net - no matter what kind of sounds you like!

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I've found various types of music to be helpful when I'm either working or writing, and I've tried to highlight some of them here. There are other times that you might just want to have just enough background noise - whether that's what you need to concentrate, or because you just need a change of pace.

That's where myNoise.net comes in.

To quote their website: "myNoise will never produce music in the conventional sense. Music is usually meant for active listening, and our goal — our specialty — is to provide passive sound choices: these will help our listeners to settle down, switch off external solicitations and devote their intellectual resources to a given task, such as working or meditating."

Check out this video demonstrating how it can easily block noise without sounding like it's blocking noise:

I've found myNoise.net to be a great thing when I'm working, writing, or reading, and definitely worth throwing a few dollars toward. Want to feel like you're on a starship? In a Tibetan monastery? Perhaps guitars are more your thing? Or somewhere in our distant past?  There are SO many options that it'd make this blog post seem like a link farm if I tried to describe them all.

Seriously, if you've ever been distracted while working, writing, or reading, check out myNoise.net.  And if you even find a few moment's peace or inspiration from it, toss five or more dollars their way.


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Lisa M. Collins said...

I love myNoise I listen to the Rain on a tent one while I write. It is so relaxing and just the right for long days at the computer. https://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/campingRainNoiseGenerator.php