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An Alert From SFWA About Contract Non-Compete and Option Clauses

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Brought to my attention by Chuck Wendig is an alert by the SFWA Contracts Committee regarding non-compete clauses:

The SFWA Contracts Committee believes there are serious problems for writers with the non-compete and option clauses in many science fiction and fantasy publishers’ contracts. The non-compete language in these contracts often overreaches and limits authors’ career options in unacceptable ways.
Please take the time to go carefully over your contracts before signing them. If you need legal assistance, consult a lawyer who is knowledgeable in intellectual property law, not just contract law.

The sample contracts that Alliteration Ink uses are visible and available under an MIT license (e.g. they're free to use; I'm not liable for any problems you have). You can find them at: https://github.com/uriel1998/ainkcontracts

You can also find my big compendium posts about contracts at:

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