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a few random pictures of me, and a thought

there is a cardinal rule of relationships

A New Backer Reward for Helping A Navy Vet After A Fire!

the emotional range of a dog.

we are all broken

Two quotes

Failing the relationship test

feeling is a type of knowing

Your chance to play advice columnist: How do you tell people you're feeling suicidal?

Help a Vet's family, get an exclusive eBook with over 50 authors

Some of my coping mechanisms for dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts

Blowback from talking publicly about suicidal feelings

Not really a review, but some thoughts on Unbound and Jim C. Hines

I do not understand why so many people hate their exes.

Help A Navy Vet and His Kids After A Fire

consider one thing.

The Last Mix

one last kiss good night

but everyone knows

could have been easier on you

blood and tears they were here first

i am posting songs through the rest of this week. (Yeah, you gotta click through.)

and now i have finally seen the end

Anyone who's ever had a dream

even if the russians came and named it something new.

for her.

An update on my status

You Can't Talk About It If You're Feeling Suicidal

Who knew someone like you.

Imaginary Spoons: The Shirt

Tryptich Of Quotations