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How I Work: The Extensions I Use For Firefox and Thunderbird

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I use Thunderbird and Firefox pretty much exclusively on the desktop.  (Actually Iceweasel and Icedove - the difference is here but doesn't concern us here.)  There's a few key extensions and add-ons that make them such a pleasure to use.  I took a few minutes last week to gather them into collections so that you can check them out as well.
For Firefox/Iceweasel the collection is here:


Ones I find useful you probably haven't seen on every other list like this:
  • Open With - Not just browsers, but open an URL with any program you like. So feed that youtube url directly to MPV or youtube-dl.
    Bookmarks Checker
    - does what it says on the tin
  • It's All Text  - lets you edit and write to text fields with whatever editor you like.
  • FXOpera:  I used to like Opera.  I'm not a huge fan now.  But this UI is so much better than the current default Firefox layout.
For Thunderbird/Icedove the collection is here:


There's some really, really cool ones I've only recently found here:
  • Remove Duplicate Messages:  Title Says It All
  • Mail Merge:  Super useful, of course, and REALLY easy to use.
  • GContactSync: Yes, does exactly what you think it does.  Includes photos.
  • Display Contact Photo: Works great when combined with GContactSync.  Includes Gravitar support, but the lookups on that got to be a bit much.
  • Resize Images:  Works great for both attachments ... but more importantly, for the inline images.  It was wonderful when sending images to my amour's daughter while I dogsat.
For even more power, use OfflineIMAP to process your mail locally!

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