The Terrifying Leap of Belief

Fortune Cookies

Mark Freeman's Statement on Context

CONTEXT is dead. Thank Jan Province and Dennis Palmer.

There's more than just deciding to "round up" a partner

Burnt Flowers Fallen: A Holiday Wish

searchraw - a surfraw launcher for openbox

Check your credit score for free with the Mint app

True SURVIVAL Zombie Horror - Project Zomboid

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Graphically See Your Home Network With jNetMap (Win/Mac/*Nix, FREE)

Not Allowing Downloading Is The New DRM, and Only Effective At Pissing Off Paying Customers (Like Me)

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Making Google Plus and Google Contacts a little better (with userstyles)

I Couldn't Understand Her At The Restaurant: Experiencing Sensory Overload

A Short (but significant) Update About Context

A few notes replying to some replies about my leaving Context (UPDATED)

Why I Am Resigning As Programming Director For Context (UPDATED)

I am resigning as the programming director for Context, effective immediately.

No, You Move

Your Ears Need This: Face to Face (covers of Major Tom & Back on the Chain Gang)

The Cool (and slightly creepy) Thing @Bufferapp Did Awesomely

Review: You by Caroline Kepnes. Good Book, Lousy Marketing