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Link Salad: References From The Digital Publishing Talk

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Thanks to everyone who came out to the Digital Publishing presentation tonight as part of the Dayton area run-up to NaNoWriMo!

These are the resources I mentioned tonight in my talk about Digital Publishing, posted for convenience.  There's also a lot of good info in "Steve 101" section which collects a lot of my often-referenced links and in the "Writers to Writers" section.

Five paths to publication http://bit.ly/162wATJ
Digital Publishing G+ Group:  bit.ly/11MhP7g
The Book Designer – Joel Friedlander: thebookdesigner.com
Writer Beware:  bit.ly/sfwa-writer-beware
Laura Resnick's Writer Resources:  bit.ly/lresnick_resources
How To Sell your eBook yourself: bit.ly/Iz2vlZ
Big Contract Post:  bit.ly/big_contract_post

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