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Will Anonymous keep fighting crime?

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Tell me something.

Anonymous solves some cases faster than the cops. Doesn't matter why, really. Just that it happened. They brought justice - more than once - when justice was otherwise impotent.

When do you think that Anonymous - and the tools that Anonymous uses - will be used to catch those who hurt innocents to create terror?

Reading about the events in Boston, I am not only filled with sadness and compassion, but a righteous anger sharpened by my inability to stop those who attacked innocents.

I also see the occasional Guy Fawkes mask icon spreading news and information.

How long do you really think it'll be before Anonymous - people who couldn't help being raised on myths of epic spandex-clad heroes - realizes they can be the mother-f'in batman in a Guy Fawkes mask?

I don't know if that thought is awesome or terrifying.

But sooner or later, it's coming.

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Mardra Sikora said...

When Anonymous doesn't wait for the next guy to speak up, stand up, or push the bad guy over...he/she's a pretty awesome force. You're right.