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Book Review: Libriomancer by Jim C. Hines

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[Full disclosure:  I know Jim Hines personally.]

Libriomancer starts off Jim Hines' third series.  The first series - Goblin (or Jig) books - are comedies set in a fantasy world.  The second series - the Princess novels - are fantasy stories with comedic elements.  This series - Magic Ex Libris - is set in the modern day, but perfectly balances the tonal difference between the first two series.  This book is just fun, with laugh-out-loud moments, but also shows off the skills that Jim has developed while writing the Princess series.  That alone would be enough to make this book a highly recommended pick of mine.

But when you add in that magic comes from books, giving Jim an excuse to throw in all sorts of fun references?  Why, that's a delightful icing on the cake. 

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