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Your Ears Need This: 8Tracks

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8Tracks is "handcrafted internet radio".  Simply, you make a mix of eight or more tracks ... and then let others (or yourself) enjoy.

It's been really interesting for me so far - especially in getting exposure to different bands and works.  I do wish they'd link "buy" to more than iTunes, though...

You can find me as SenorWombat there... and I'd recommend my playlist "Yog Sothoth's Ambient Mixtape".  I made (and listened to) it while proofreading Dangers Untold.  Great stuff to read horror to.  As I described it:

Screaming guitars? No. Death growls? No. Those are not the sounds of the Mythos. Instead, this is just a soundtrack meant to be a slow steady grind against your sanity as you come to realize how insignificant, how pathetic, how meaningless you are in the universe. Largely quiet (though they may not stay that way), sanity-scrubbing throbbing deep cuts. Enjoy.

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