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Rapture: The Easy Way Out

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soc_econ.pngThere's a long history of apocalyptic, millennial beliefs in Christian thought - including the Rapture. It's not surprising that so many buy into end-of-the-world predictions; it's surprising how few do.

It's for a simple reason: It's easy to believe in the end of the world.

We aren't talking about the atheist/humanist/existential thought that life is ultimately without meaning (conveniently summed up in the saying "On a long enough scale, the mortality rate reaches 100%"). With the Rapture (or any Christian apocalypse), meaning is preserved... but responsibility ends. It's a seductive thought that you don't have to try any more.

My favorite Tom Robbins book - Another Roadside Attraction - explains it well:

Often the test of courage is not to die, but to live.
- Tom Robbins

Time to go on living, folks. Time to go on living.

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