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Help the Midwest Teen Sex Show

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The Midwest Teen Sex Show needs your help.

It approaches sexuality (for teens, young adults, and us grownup types) with humor and information. I know how bad sex ed classes can get - and how much worse "abstinence only" classes can be. While MTSS isn't a fix for that problem, they are definitely part of the solution in getting people laughing - and talking.

All of us who say we want more than "abstinence only" education, all of us who say we want teens - and adults - to make more informed choices, all of us who like having some funny stuff every so often that's not corporate-sanitized pap... pony up $5 via the PayPal button on their website. I just ponied up $5 for each of my blogs (including SU). You can find $5 to help support this. I'm sure of it.

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